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Food Flavors: Generation, Analysis and Process Influence

Food Flavors: Generation, Analysis and Process Influence

G. Charalambous


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In this book, major emphasis is placed on the effects of processing and food components upon the flavor of foods and beverages. Topics discussed include: roasting of peanuts; extrusion of cooking poultry; spray drying of natural flavor materials; cooking rates of foods; gamma radiation of packaging films; stir-frying of sautéd flavors; emulsification properties of egg yolk and lupin proteins; the interaction of flavor compounds with flour, starch, and polysaccharides; factors affecting development of flavor in whisky, wines, fermented products, alcohol precursors, and model food systems; applications of enzymes for production of flavor in fish, lobster and pork; and the development and application of analytical methods for isolation and identification of volatile compounds and flavors from a variety of food products.

Information presented in this book will be useful to chemists, scientists, and technologists working in flavor chemistry, food product research and development, and food quality control.
This is an excellent book, particularly suited to carbohydrate scientists, food scientists and those associated with the food industry in general.
Carbohydrate Polymers, Vol.29 No.1, 1996