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Qualitative Market Research (v.1): An Introduction to Qualitative Market Research

Qualitative Market Research (v.1): An Introduction to Qualitative Market Research

Mike Imms


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'Anyone using, practising or teaching qualitative research will find in this series a treasure-house of ideas, techniques and issues. This is a -must-have-' - Admap 'This is one of the best texts on the subject I've come across and I did find some of the content truly inspirational' - Mick Williamson, Creative Director, TRBI for In Brief magazine 'It will be essential reading for anyone involved with qualitative market research' - David Barr, Director General of the Market Research Society 'An ideal resource for people aiming for a qualitative market research career, for academics interested to know more about an important field of application for qualitative research methods, or for those who are already engaged in the field and who wish to update their skills and reflect on their practice and profession' - Nigel Fielding, University of Surrey Qualitative Market Research is a landmark publishing event. The seven volumes provide, for the first time, complete coverage of qualitative market research practice, written by experienced practitioners, for both a commercial and academic audience. The set fills two important market gaps: it offers commercial practitioners authoritative source texts for training and professional development; and provides students and researchers with an account of qualitative research theory and practice in use today. Each book cross-references others in the series, but can also be used as a stand-alone resource on a key topic. The seven books have been carefully structured so as to be completely accessible in terms of language, use of jargon and assumed knowledge. Experienced market researchers will find the tools to help them critically evaluate their own work. Those new to market research will be provided with a complete map of qualitative market research theory and practice (including brands and advertising theory) and the stimulation to discuss and learn more with tutors and practitioners. Qualitative Market Research will be an invaluable resource for academic and professional libraries, commercial market researchers, as well as essential reading for students in market research, marketing and business studies.

Table of Contents

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# Acknowledgements;
# Introduction;
1. The years of struggle;
2. The wider picture;
3. India's forest people;
4. The people fight back;
5. BOJBP: from birth to maturity;
6. Problems and challenges;
7. The elements of success;
8. Lessons learned;
# Appendix 1. Thengapalli: a resource for primary schools;
# Appendix 2. BOJBP publications;
# Appendix 3. Update on BOJBP and the mahasangha;
# Notes;
# Further reading;