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PIC BASIC: Programming and Projects

PIC BASIC: Programming and Projects

Dogan Ibrahim


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PIC BASIC is the simplest and quickest way to get up and running - designing and building circuits using a microcontroller.
Dogan Ibrahim's approach is firmly based in practical applications and project work, making this a toolkit rather than a programming guide. No previous experience with microcontrollers is assumed - the PIC family of microcontrollers, and in particular the popular reprogrammable 16X84 device, are introduced from scratch. The BASIC language, as used by the most popular PIC compilers, is also introduced from square one, with a simple code used to illustrate each of the most commonly used instructions. The practicalities of programming and the scope of using a PIC are then explored through 22 wide ranging electronics projects.
The simplest quickest way to get up and running with microcontrollers
Makes the PIC accessible to students and enthusiasts
Project work is at the heart of the book - this is not a BASIC primer.