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High Frequency and Microwave Engineering

High Frequency and Microwave Engineering

Ed da Silva



With the increased use of mobile phones and computer wireless techniques, a need has developed for a book which provides students and industry with expertise in radio and microwave engineering. This important text has been written with these aims in mind.
*Provides a comprehensive course in radio and microwave engineering
*Includes CD-ROM, containing the CAD package PUFF 2.1 for construction and evaluation of circuits; and a comprehensive section on practical aspects of design
*Written by an experienced author, in a clear and easy-to-follow style
*Contains a variety of examples and self-test questions with model answers
The material covers transmission lines, scattering parameters, couplers, amplifiers, oscillators and phase-locked loops in a novel way by introducing examples from daily life prior to the introduction of the theory. Microwave tools such as Smith charts, scattering parameters and signal flow diagrams are dealt with thoroughly and are fully integrated in the numerous examples throughout the text and with PUFF.
High Frequency and Microwave Engineering is intended as an advanced undergraduate text for students of electrical and communication engineering, and is also eminently suitable for self-study and as a manual for those in the industry wishing to update their engineering skills.
Provides a comprehensive course in radio and microwave engineering

Contains many examples and self-test questions with model answers
The importance of high frequency electronics has never been higher than it is today. A knowledge of theory, practice and design techniques is an essential part of the formation of an electronics engineer. Ed da Silva's 'High Frequency and Microwave Engineering' provides a thorough and approachable introduction to the subject and the software that is included enables the reader to develop a deep understanding of the material being studied. A valuable text for students of electronics and communications engineering.
Dr Alistair Duffy, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK
Any reader--theorists in the subject area or technicians using the material--will do well with this book. The accompanying CD-ROM is highly appropriate and understandably the best such resource of its kind in the field. A very impressive work--aesthetically pleasing to read, clearly written, comprehensive, generous in detailed illustrations, and without typographical error.
Da Silva offers an impressive work; his experience as an instructor in the subject is obvious. His writing style is clear, and the book's type style, page design, and illustrations are well chosen.