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Handbook of Differential Geometry

Handbook of Differential Geometry

Franki J.E. Dillen | Leopold C.A. Verstraelen


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In the series of volumes which together will constitute the "Handbook of Differential Geometry" we try to give a rather complete survey of the field of differential geometry. The different chapters will both deal with the basic material of differential geometry and with research results (old and recent).
All chapters are written by experts in the area and contain a large bibliography. In this second volume a wide range of areas in the very broad field of differential geometry is discussed, as there are Riemannian geometry, Lorentzian geometry, Finsler geometry, symplectic geometry, contact geometry, complex geometry, Lagrange geometry and the geometry of foliations. Although this does not cover the whole of differential geometry, the reader will be provided with an overview of some its most important areas.
. Written by experts and covering recent research
. Extensive bibliography
. Dealing with a diverse range of areas
. Starting from the basics