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Cross-Border Resource Management

Cross-Border Resource Management

Rongxing Guo | Rongxing Guo


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This essay is about the management of natural and environmental resources in cross-border areas. It explores a group of geographical, political, legal, economic and cultural factors that arise when political units (such as sovereign countries, dependent states and other administrative units) seek to utilize natural and environmental resources efficiently and equitably while minimizing the resultant damages (for example, prevention of resource degradation and preservation of the physical environment).
* Examines various types of cross-border areas at both international and sub-national levels throughout the world as well as their geographical, political, economic and cultural influences on the cross-border resource management
* Uses the latest international and area data, resulting in new findings for cross-border environmental activities
* Contains a large number of case studies throughout the world including four in-depth case studies of cross-border resource management