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The RF in RFID

The RF in RFID

Daniel M. Dobkin


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This book includes a survey of all RFID fundamentals and practices in the first part of the book while the second part focuses on UHF passive technology. This coverage of UHF technology and its components including tags, readers, and antennas is essential to commercial implementation in supply chain logistics and security.
Readers of this book should have an electrical engineering background but have not yet dealt with RFID. To this end, Dr. Dobkin is very careful to illustrate all concepts and detail his explanations meticulously. In this way he brings the reader along organically showing him/her what to expect, develop, and use while implementing an RFID system.

  • This technology is happening NOW at major chain stores such as Wal-Mart and Target
  • RFID revenues are estimated to soar to about $7 billion by 2008