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Gallium Arsenide IC Applications Handbook

Gallium Arsenide IC Applications Handbook

Jane E. Fisher | Inder Bahl


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Gallium Arsenide IC Applications Handbook is the first text to offer a comprehensive treatment of Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) integrated chip (IC) applications, specifically in microwave systems. The books coverage of GaAs in microwave monolithic ICs demonstrates why GaAs is being hailed as a material of the future for the various advantages it holds over silicon.
This volume provides scientists, physicists, electrical engineers, and technology professionals and managers working on microwave technology with practical information on GaAs applications in radar, electronic warfare, communications, consumer electronics, automotive electronics and traffic control.
Includes an executive summary in each volume and chapter
Facilitates comprehension with its tutorial writing style
Covers key technical issues
Emphasizes practical aspects of the technology
Contains minimal mathematics
Provides a complete reference list