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Mechatronics Volume 2

Mechatronics Volume 2

Jeffrey Johnson | Philip Picton


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Mechatronics is the fusion of mechanics and electronics in the design of intelligent machines. This textbook is concerned with the concepts and techniques of artificial intelligence needed for the design of machines with advanced intelligent behaviour. It explores the topics of pattern recognition, neural networks, scheduling, reasoning, fuzzy logic, rule-based systems, machine learning, control and computer vision.
This student guide shows how fifty years of research into artificial intelligence (AI) have borne fruit in the design of better and more intelligent machines. The twin objectives of the text are: to explain the theory of the mainstream ideas of AI and to show how these ideas can be applied in practical engineering situations.
'This book has been successful in presenting some of the most important
concepts and techniques of artificial intelligence required for the design
and building of intelligent machines. This reviewer thoroughly enjoyed
reading this book. The book will be an excellent addition to the very few books that have been published in this exciting and emerging field of mechatronics.'
Mechatronics, March 1996