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Irvin Glassman


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This Third Edition of Glassman's classic text clearly defines the role of chemistry, physics, and fluid mechanics as applied to the complex topic of combustion. Glassman's insightful introductory text emphasizes underlying physical and chemical principles, and encompasses engine technology, fire safety, materials synthesis, detonation phenomena, hydrocarbon fuel oxidation mechanisms, and environmental considerations. Combustion has been rewritten to integrate the text, figures, and appendixes, detailing available combustion codes, making it not only an excellent introductory text but also an important reference source for professionals in the field.
Key Features
* Explains complex combustion phenomena with physical insight rather than extensive mathematics
* Clarifies postulates in the text using extensive computational results in figures
* Lists modern combustion programs indicating usage and availability
* Relates combustion concepts to practical applications
Praise for the First Edition
"This book has now become one of the most important textbooks and teaching aids to combustion. It will remain as a record of the great debt that combustion science and technology owes to the teachings of Professor Glassman."
--International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer