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Chemical Kinetics: Fundamentals and Recent Developments

Chemical Kinetics: Fundamentals and Recent Developments

Evgeny Denisov | Oleg Sarkisov | G. I. Likhtenshtein


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Comprehensive manual embracing essentially all the classical and modern areas of chemical kinetics. Provides details of modern applications in chemistry, technology and biochemistry.
Special sections of the book treat subjects not covered sufficiently in other manuals, including: modern methods of experimental determination of rate constants of reactions including laser pico- and femtochemistry, magnetochemistry, and ESR; and descriptions of advanced theories of elementary chemical processes.
- Comprehensive manual covering practically all areas of chemical kinetics, both classical and modern.
- Adequate coverage given to topics not covered sufficiently by other works.
- Covers fundamentals and recent developments in homogeneous catalysis and its modeling from a chemical kinetics perspective.