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Refining Processes Handbook

Refining Processes Handbook

Surinder Parkash, Ph. D


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Besides covering topics like catalytic cracking, hydrocracking, and alkylation, this volume has chapters on waste water treatment and the economics of managing or commissioning the design of a petroleum refinery. Found only in this volume is material on operating a jointly owned and operated refinery. (Over the last decade, the ownership of many refineries has shifted to small companies, from the large, integrated companies. Because of this shift, many refineries are now jointly owned and operated.) Filled with handy process flow diagrams, this volume is the only reference that a chemical engineer or process manager in a petroleum refinery needs for answers to everyday process and operations questions.
* Covers the technologies and operations of petroleum refineries
* Provides material on operating a jointly owned and operated refinery
* Gives readers a comprehensive introduction to petroleum refining, as well as a full reference to engineers in the field
The book is easy to read and is very understandable. The author is to be commended for his work and has provided a book that is useful to both practicing engineers concerned with refinery operational planning as well as for other refinery-oriented scientist diciplines. This is a very well organized and valuable edition to the refining bookshelf. - ENERGY SOURCES, VOL 26, 2004