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MPLS Network Management

MPLS Network Management

Thomas D. Nadeau


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MPLS-enabled networks are enjoying tremendous growth, but practical information on managing MPLS-enabled networks has remained hard to find. Until now.
MPLS Network Management: MIBs, Tools, and Techniques is the first and only book that will help you master MPLS management technologies and techniques, as they apply to classic MPLS networks, traffic-engineered networks, and VPNs. Written by the co-author of most current MPLS management standards, it provides detailed, authoritative coverage of official MIBs, examining key topics ranging from syntax to access levels to object interaction. It also offers extensive consideration of third-party management interfaces, including tools for metering traffic and predicting traffic growth and behavior. If you're a network operator, network device engineer, or MPLS application developer, you need this book to get all you can out of all of MPLS's many capabilities.
* The only book devoted entirely to the tools and techniques for controlling, monitoring, debugging, and optimizing MPLS-enabled networks.
* Authoritative information from the co-author of most IETF MIBs relating to MPLS and GMPLS, PWE3, and PPVPN.
* Covers both standards-based and proprietary management technologies.
* Includes interviews with seminal figures in the development of MPLS.
* Via a companion web site, provides information on late-breaking developments in MPLS management and links to additional resources.
* To be followed by a second volume presenting best-practice case studies dealing with how real companies approach the management of their MPLS networks.
"This book deserves to be read not just because it is the first book on MPLS network management, but because it focuses on solving the real problems network managers face."
—From the Foreword by Bruce Davie, Cisco Fellow, Cisco Systems
"With this book, Thomas Nadeau provides both the necessary foundation and intricate details required to effectively deploy and operate MPLS-enabled applications and networks."
—Danny McPherson, TCB
"This text should be required reading for anyone deploying an MPLS-enabled network. It guides the reader through the body of MPLS MIBs, providing a level of detail that is appropriate for both network operators and developers of network management software."
—Ronald P. Bonica, Co-chairman, IETF CCAMP WG
"Tom's effort is a needed and precious contribution for turning MPLS technology and applications into a winning factor in our networking business."
—Marco Carugi, IETF PPVPN WG Co-Chair - France Telecom R&D