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Introduction to Homeland Security

Introduction to Homeland Security

Jane Bullock | George Haddow



INTRODUCTION TO HOMELAND SECURITY was the first book to provide practitioners, educators, and students with a comprehensive account of the original and ongoing developments in the Department of Homeland Security’s reorganization, as well as the practices, policies and programs enacted in relation to the government restructure. The new edition continues to prove the standard in providing the latest information on the developments in national security in the context of DHS.
Continuing in the tradition of the first edition, the book recounts US Government and private sector actions taken since 9/11 in the areas of legislation, government organization, communications, technology, and emergency management practices. It is packed with reference sections, notations directing the reader to relevant publications and websites, and contributions from media reports or experts. Case studies provide insightful guidance for security managers having to deal effectively with similar situations.
• The US Senate recently passed a $31.8 billion Homeland Security spending bill and universities are continually adding homeland security programs
• Current edition has sold over 2,500 copies in less than one year
• Includes an up-to-date, complete and comprehensive contact list of Federal and State government homeland security offices and officials
...a welcome addition to many bookshelves. The book would also be of interest to anyone who wishes to gain a better understanding of the way in which DHS has taken shape. It is an excellent overview and introduction that would be valued at the practitioner and undergraduate level. - Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
For any security manager wishing to know more about critical incidents and who has a need for a single source to start their learning then I cannot recommend this book more highly. An absolute gem of a book. - Professional Security magazine