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Bioenergy - Realizing the Potential

Bioenergy - Realizing the Potential

Dr. Semida Silveira


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Modern bioenergy has gained increased attention in the past decade. Not only does it provide an effective option for the provision of energy services from the technical point of view, but it is based on resources that can be utilized on a sustainable basis all around the globe. In addition, the benefits accrued go beyond energy provision, creating unique opportunities for regional development. Today, biomass is seen as one of the most promising renewable sources of modern energy services in the medium term. Know-how and experiences from different countries pave the way to further development of bioenergy systems.
Bioenergy: Realising the Potential integrates the key technical, policy and economic issues surrounding bioenergy projects in industrialised and developing countries, with a critical focus on four major topics:
• The biomass resource availability and potential
• The institutions and markets development
• Technical and economic enhancements
• Successful examples from Europe and developing countries