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Oil Pollution and its Environmental Impact in the Arabian Gulf Region

Oil Pollution and its Environmental Impact in the Arabian Gulf Region

M. Al-Azab | W. El-Shorbagy | S. Al-Ghais


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Situated within the richest oil area in the world, the Arabian Gulf represents a stressed ecosystem with scarce published data and environmental studies.

The oil-related activities cause significant damages to different ecosystem components such as coral reefs, algal mats, mangrove and other habitats. In addition to the increasing potential of pollution and its adverse effect on the ecosystem, oil spills and relevant implications can severely affect the main source of desalinated water for the Gulf countries due to their limited water resources. Interest in pollution issues associated with Arabian Gulf has been growing in the last few years. These issues include identification and documentation of the major sources of oil pollution in the Gulf region, evaluation of the analytical methods used to identify the different types of pollutants, review of the recent advances in oil pollution impact treatment and prevention, develop stronger cooperation ties between interested members of the community, and encourage awareness of the oil pollution as a serious environmental problem in the region.

This book compiles recent studies addressing the above issues grouped in four categories; monitoring and characterizing oil spills, modeling the fate of pollutants and oil slicks in marine water, environmental effects of oil pollution on the ecosystem components, and combating, prevention and treatment of oil pollution.
* Studies oil pollution issues in association with the Arabian Gulf
* Compiles recent case studies conducted in the Arabian Gulf
* Addresses diverse topics related to pollution issues in the marine water in general and in the Arabian Gulf in particular
"...will be of interest to marine geologists, environmental geologists, geotechnical engineers, and oil-spill-response organizations."