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Batteries for Portable Devices

Batteries for Portable Devices

Gianfranco Pistoia



Batteries for Portable Devices provides a comprehensive overview of all batteries used in portable electric and electronic, as well as medical devices. These range from the cellular phone to portable CD and cardiac pacemakers to remote micro-sensors. The author looks at the behaviour of batteries in the conditions encountered in the above applications. Information on the performance of the most recent commercial batteries are graphically illustrated and comparisons are made. This easy-to-read book also contains useful information on topics rarely discussed in the field, such as battery collection, recycling and market trends.
* Contains an extensive bibliography
* Includes rarely discussed topics, such as battery collection and recycling
* Well illustrated and easy to read
"This book gives a very good overview about power sources for portable electric and electronic devices. It is addressed above all to users of batteries in portable systems. Besides a detailed description of the different battery this book helps the user to select the best battery for its application with information's to battery comparisons, safety questions, etc. In general, however, this book is very succeeded and to recommend for users of portable batteries and constructers of portable elctric and electronic devices."
J. Garche, Ulm, Germany, ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 2005
"This book generally reads very well and provides a substantial catalogue of information on portable battery types, their chemistries and applications. It is recommended for use by postgraduates, academics or industrial specialists working in the field of small-scale batteries. This book should prove to be a useful addition to reference books on modern batteries."