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Biz Talk Server 2000 Developer's Guide

Biz Talk Server 2000 Developer's Guide



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The BizTalk 2000 Developer's Guide is written for developers who are responsible for installing, configuring and deploying the BizTalk Server in their organizations IT infrastructure.
The opening chapters of the book discuss the benefits of seamless business-to-business application integration, summarize the features and enhancements of BizTalk Server 2000, and offer an introduction to XML - the driving force behind BizTalk. The next chapters explore the multiple tools that are incorporated into BizTalk that will transform the way in which information is created, transmitted and maintained in the server environment. Other chapters include complete coverage of the security considerations for BizTalk, and an examination of the various third-party plug-ins for enhancing BizTalk Server 2000.
Contains a Wallet size CD with third-party plug-ins from leading developers, and ready-to-use source code from the book
Timely .NET coverage. BizTalk Server 2000 is an integral member of Microsoft's .net Enterprise Server suite
"In the B2B economy, I want all of the resources that are important to my business ...tied into a single network that takes the cost and complexity out of the day-to-day job of running a business, BizTalk Server 2000 is the first product that includes all of the functionality that businesses need to build dynamic business processes that are linked together seamlessly over the Internet...."
David Wascha, Microsoft's Product Manager for BizTalk