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Programming Microcontrollers in C

Programming Microcontrollers in C

Ted VanSickle


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Ted Van Sickle spent over fifteen years at Motorola as a microcontroller specialist. He now consults and teaches classes on software design and programming for microcontroller systems. He holds a MSEE from the University of Michigan.
Introduces microcontrollers and describes their programming environment, offering tips on coding for microcontrollers
Describes techniques to get maximum performance from your code
Discusses the differences between 8-bit and larger microcontrollers, giving application examples and providing details on using different compilers
"Van Sickle's book will quickly pay for itself. . ."
--Dr. Dobb's Journal
"The book covers the essentials of C, programming actual microcontrollers, and discusses real world examples as well as theoretical models."
--Embedded Systems Programming Product News
"A must-read for engineers trying to get a handle on software issues . . . I get a constant stream of queries for introductory texts to the embedded-systems world. This is the book. It should be required reading even in computer curriculum, where embedded systems get virtually no mention."