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OpenVMS with Apache, WASD, and OSU

OpenVMS with Apache, WASD, and OSU

Alan Winston


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Whether you're an experienced webmaster new to OpenVMS or an old OpenVMS hand new to webservers, this book will save you time and help you do your job better. The book points out similarities and differences between Unix and VMS, contains a management-friendly explanation of VMS's suitability for 24x7 operation, explains web concepts like authentication and access control models clearly (including honest discussion of drawbacks and weaknesses). Clear examples show how to configure each of the three webservers to accomplish specific goals, and comparisons will help you choose which server to run. If you're using or considering using a VMS webserver, this book is for you.
OpenVMS with Apache, OSU and WASD also discusses specific tasks, such as how to port CGI programs from other operating systems, and gives working examples in PERL, Python, and DCL. One chapter also covers database connectivity for VMS-based CGI programs.
· Use OpenVMS to provide reliable, full-featured web service for your business
· Find information not available anywhere else for OpenVMS, whose unbeatable reliability makes it the web server of choice for institutions that can't afford downtime for their websites
· Learn from numerous examples and step-by-step procedures how to do the same task in different servers
"For those who manage more than one type of these web servers (OpenVMS) or who are migrating from one web server to another, this book is indispensable." - Richard Barry, OpenVMS Apache Project Leader
"This is the reference book that users of the OSU web server have long sought." - David Jones, Author of the DECthreads Webserver
" excellent and in-depth look at these three web servers with respect to running on an OpenVMS platform...There is enough useful and technical information in this book to make it a valuable asset for any OpenVMS administrator looking to run a web server." - Bill Catambay,