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Microsoft Outlook Programming

Microsoft Outlook Programming

Sue Mosher



Microsoft Outlook Programming unleashes the power of Microsoft Outlook, allowing administrators and end users to customize Outlook in the same way that they've used macros and templates to customize other programs like Excel and Word. Experienced developers will find the quick-start information they need to begin integrating Outlook into their applications. Microsoft Exchange administrators will get help automating common tasks such as announcing public folders and importing data to custom forms.
Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used email program, and it offers the most programmability. This book introduces key concepts for programming both Outlook forms for storing and exchanging data and Visual Basic for Applications modules that add new features to Outlook. Central to this new edition, which covers both Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2002, is awareness of tighter security in Outlook. Designed to prevent transmission of computer viruses, the security restrictions can also get in the way of legitimate programs, but this book offers workarounds within the reach of novice programmers. It also covers many of the new features of Outlook 2002, such as the integrated Outlook View Control and searching across multiple folders using SQL syntax and the Search object.
· Building block procedures for the most common Outlook programming tasks
· Jargon-free language and practical examples to make the material more accessible to new Outlook programmers
· Coverage of Outlook Email Security Update
· Coverage of the Office XP Web Services Toolkit
THANK YOU!!!! for "Microsoft Outlook Programming" from
Digital Press. This book is such a blessing to us ower users looking for starting or jumping off point to go into the deep end of programming.
As a former 5 yr sales rep for end user trainng
manuals now turned sales engineer, I needed a point of reference closer to my personal experience
and immediate interest. I never had the patience for
all those beginning programming books building "birdhouses" and "hello world." Thank you for giving us wannabe programmers an immediate and
relevant starting point!--Greg Saddler, Atlanta, GA