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Bryn Holmes and John Gardner


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Using examples from around the world, the authors of this book provide an in-depth examination of past, present and future e-learning approaches and explore the implications of applying e-learning in practice. The book is essential reading for anyone involved in technology enhanced learning systems, whether an expert or coming new to the area. It will be of particular relevance to those involved in teaching or studying for information technology in education degrees, in training through e-learning courses and with developing e-learning resources.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Introduction 1
Who is this book for? 3
What is this book for? 3
1. Communication in planning 5
Community participation, 5
Information gathering in the field, 7
How people change, 11
2. Educational materials 14
Choice of media, 14
Demonstration buildings, 19
Local relevance, 20
How many messages? 21
Preproduction testing, 21
Educational context, 27
Training, 27
Impact assessment, 28
3. Illustrating building for safety 32
Picture styles, 33
Symbols and conventions, 43
Cartoons, 54
Connections and sequence, 59
Cultural associations, 64
Use of text and language, 73
Conclusions 79
Further reading 80
Picture credits so