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Nitrosation Reactions and the Chemistry of Nitric Oxide

Nitrosation Reactions and the Chemistry of Nitric Oxide

D.L.H. Williams


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Since 1988, there has been much literature published on the chemistry of nitric oxide, particularly in the field of S-nitrosation and the chemistry of S-nitroso compounds. Written by a chemist for the chemistry community, this book provides an update of the chemistry of nitrosation reactions, dealing with both the synthetic and mechanistic aspects of these reactions. It also looks at the chemistry of nitric oxide in relation to the amazing biological properties of this simple diatomic molecule, which were unknown until around 1990.
* Provides an update on previously published literature on nitric oxide chemistry
* Contains chapters on reagents for nitrosation, nitrosation at nitrogen, aliphatic and aromatic carbon, oxygen, sulfur and metal centres
* Looks at hot research topics such as synthesis, properties and reactions of s-nitrosothiols