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Cell Lineage and Fate Determination

Cell Lineage and Fate Determination

Sally A. Moody


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Cell Lineage and Fate Determination provides a comprehensive view of the mechanisms regulating cell lineage and fate determination in an effort to understand how the fertilized egg is transformed into a complex of specialized tissues. It presents basic information on eight different animal models and recent developmental biological research done in each model. The book provides a focused forum presenting key information for researchers studying various aspects of developmental and cellular biology. Extensive use of tables and black-and-white and color figures helps illustrate each model. The book concludes by discussing future goals for bringing cellular, molecular, and genetic research to clinical applications and tissue replacement therapies.
Key Features
* Presents eight different animal models
* Provides a focused forum on cell fate determination that provides comprehensive and key information for researchers
* Illustrates the transitional relationship between researchers and clinicians
* Includes the extensive use of tables and color figures
"The thorough presentation and discussion of these eight animal model systems [sea urchin, leech, nematode, fly, frog, fish, chick, and mammal] would be very useful to anyone who thinks about many of the critical questions in development. It certainly should be on the shelves of all life science libraries."
"The contributors provide a broad overview of how findings from eight model organisms form our current understanding of the mechanisms by which embryonic cells attain their final differentiated state. For each animal, they present the important developmental processes, the experimental usefulness, and several chapters describing interdisciplinary research on key questions."
--SCIENCE (April 16,1999)