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Agriculture and Food Production

Agriculture and Food Production

G.G. Khachatourians | Dilip K Arora


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Presenting a stimulating synthesis of rapidly growing research interests and publications by scholars in the field of applied mycology and biotechnology.
The surge of research and development activity in applied mycology and fungal biotechnology relates to the need and utility of fungi in many contexts. These contexts are wide in scope, and include agriculture, animal and plant health, biotransformation of organic or inorganic matter, food safety, composition of nutrients and micronutrients, and human and animal infectious disease.
Containing a balanced treatment of principles, biotechnological manipulations and applications of major groups of fungi in agriculture and food, this book will serve as a practical resource for mycologists, microbiologists, biotechnologists, bioengineers, scientists from agri-food industry, biochemists, botanists and agriculturists.