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All About Albumin

All About Albumin

Theodore Peters, Jr.



The first of its kind, All About Albumin summarizes the chemistry, genetics, metabolism, clinical implications, and commercial aspects of albumin. It provides the most up-to-date sequences, structures, and compositions of many species, and includes more than 2000 references.

  • Includes up-to-date sequences, structures, and compositions of many species
  • Reviews the protein chemistry, genetic control, and metabolism of albumin
  • Covers medical and cell culture applications in vivo and in vitro, with a section on handling albumin in the laboratory
  • Presents the relationship of albumin to its superfamily with an updated scheme for their evolution
  • First complete coverage of all aspects of serum albumin in one volume, with more than 2000 references

"Ted Peters brings these diverse aspects of the proteins fascination together with a relaxed style in this definitive volume on albumin and its homologues... The huge ensuing literature has been expertly distilled into an understandable account of its binding properties, which are interpreted in the context of the three-dimensional structure, recently determined by Carter and colleagues. The heart shape and heart of the molecule is exposed in a number of elegant colour plates, andresidues involved in binding are clearly displayed in a reconfiguration of the familiar disulphide-bonded model. The student of molecular genetics and protein evolution will find a clear interpretation of the relationships... There is also an up-to-the minute account of human albumin mutations... No aspects of albumin synthesis, secretion, circulatory modification and ultimate degradation have escaped attention, and neither has its clinical relevance in health and disease... Ted Peters has spent a lifetime studying this protein and his personal insights into what makes it tick will benefit all who might use or abuse it. All About Albumin is unlikely to spend much time on the library shelf; its hands-on approach will ensure its place in the clinical laboratory and on the researchers desk." --Stephen O. Brennan, School of Medicine, Christchurch, New Zealand, in TIBS

"The author met his objectives admirably. The book is clearly written with chapters on structure, ligand binding, genetics, metabolism, clinical aspects, and practical aspects, i.e., laboratory procedures. There is a reference list of approximately 2000 entries, with the latest entries from 1994... This volume is an admirable work of excellent quality and wide usefulness. It should be on the shelves of every institutional library and in the personal library of anyone who is working with or has an interest in serum albumin." --DOODY'S HEALTH SCIENCES JOURNAL