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Genomic Regulatory Systems

Genomic Regulatory Systems

Eric H. Davidson


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The interaction between biology and evolution has been the subject of great interest in recent years. Because evolution is such a highly debated topic, a biologically oriented discussion will appeal not only to scientists and biologists but also to the interested lay person. This topic will always be a subject of controversy and therefore any breaking information regarding it is of great interest.
The author is a recognized expert in the field of developmental biology and has been instrumental in elucidating the relationship between biology and evolution. The study of evolution is of interest to many different kinds of people and Genomic Regulatory Systems: In Development and Evolution is written at a level that is very easy to read and understand even for the nonscientist.
* Contents Include
* Regulatory Hardwiring: A Brief Overview of the Genomic Control Apparatus and Its Causal Role in Development and Evolution
* Inside the Cis-Regulatory Module: Control Logic and How the Regulatory Environment Is Transduced into Spatial Patterns of Gene Expression
* Regulation of Direct Cell-Type Specification in Early Development
* The Secret of the Bilaterians: Abstract Regulatory Design in Building Adult Body Parts
* Changes That Make New Forms: Gene Regulatory Systems and the Evolution of Body Plans
"Davidson provides a vivid account of how cis-regulatory DNA integrates complex signals to control the on/off activities of gene batteries during metazoan development. The often neglected "non-coding" genomic DNA is finally brought to life through the use of illuminating examples that span a broad spectrum of experimental systems. The book should appeal to students and researchers in the areas of development and evolution, as well as to computational biologists who are interested in modeling gene networks."
- M. Levine, UC Berkeley
"Probably the highest praise I can give a book after finishing it is to want to start reading it all over again. This is that sort of book...a great job in synthesizing enormous quantity of information into a digestible perspective on regulatory patterns and their importance for evolution. I learned an incredible amount from the book..."
- D. Erwin, Smithsonian Institute
"Davidson's book is a fascinating exposition of the role regulatory networks play in both development and evolution. He writes with a clarity and insight that propels us into some of the most fascinating issues in contemporary biology. A must-read for all true students of biology."
- Dr. Leroy Hood, Institute for Systems Biology