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Biology and Culture of Channel Catfish

Biology and Culture of Channel Catfish

C.S. Tucker | J.A. Hargreaves


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The history of channel catfish farming in the United States serves as a model for the development of pond-based aquaculture industries worldwide. Channel catfish farming is the largest and economically most important aquaculture industry in the United States. In 2003, over 300,000 metric tons (662 million pounds) of channel catfish were processed, representing about half the total United States aquaculture production. Demand for farm-raised catfish is strong, with record processing years in 2002 and 2003. In 22 chapters written by active scientists in the field, Biology and Culture of Channel Catfish comprehensively synthesizes over 30 years of research on this American icon. Throughout the book, fundamental biological aspects of channel catfish are linked to practical culture techniques.

Topics include:
• Latest information on reproductive physiology, genetics, and breeding
• Comprehensive treatment of catfish nutrition, feeds, and feeding practices
• Water quality management and pond dynamics
• In-depth review of immunology in channel catfish
• Practical information on diseases and health management
• Techniques for commercial culture, including innovative techniques such as raceways, recirculating systems, and partitioned aquaculture systems
• Catfish economics and marketing
• Exploration of environmental concerns, including recommended Best Management Practices