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Making Inclusion Happen: A Practical Guide

Making Inclusion Happen: A Practical Guide

Anne Hayward


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Teachers often feel overwhelmed by the mountain of DfES guidelines on inclusion. Anne Hayward's practical, accessible book shows them how to implement an effective, high quality inclusion programme. The process is explained in bite size, digestible chunks, and they are given up-to-date information on: - current legislation, Children's Services, Every Child Matters and DfES guidance - a wide range of inclusion programmes and initiatives - planning, managing and implementing inclusion with reference to. Every Child Matters - inspection requirements and self-evaluation strategies - effective inclusion training - advice on how to get 'Best Value' from inclusion services. This easy-to-read guide provides a sound overview of inclusion and is packed with practical material including examples of best practice, checklists and an accompanying CD with PowerPoint slides for training sessions. It will enable readers to cut through the maze and make a real difference to young people.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Introduction, Helen Todd
1. Nirdhan, Nepal, David S. Gibbons
Key Replicator in Nepal,
The First Year: Rapid Growth
Second Year: Problems Emerge
Women's Own Use of Loans
Group Formation
Who Gets the Credit?
Impact on the Poor
Financial Viability
Step by Step to Higher Incomes
Expansion Potential of Nirdhan Nepal
Preparing the Way For Scaling Up
Teamwork and Problem Solving
Barsati wins Love and Livelihood from her Grocery Shop
2. SHARE, Andhra Pradesh, David S. Gibbons
First Hurdles
Region of Water; Region of Stones
Thieves, Thugs and Other NGOs
Investing in Courage
Impact on the Poor
Raising the House with her own Hands
Buffalo Loans
The High Cost of SHARE
Strength of Samson
Finding a Legal Form for Growth
Grabbing The Second Chance
3. Nirdhan, West Bengal, Md. RashidulIAlam and Abdus Salam Khan
Innovations and Deviations
In a Poor State
Grameen Bankers Give Advice
Final Evaluation Report
Group Formation
Group Training
Another Chit Fund? Nirdhan Convinces Critics
Group Recognition Test (GRT)
Centre Discipline
Credit Delivery; Credit Discipline
Chillies and Sweet Water Build a Centre House
Group Fund
Field Supervision
Office Management
Staff Training and Performance Measurement
Accounting and Financial System
Fund Management
Operating Costs
Monitoring System
Socio-Economic Impact on the Borrowers
Prospects for Viability
Can Nirdhan Expand?
4. Tau Yew Mai, Vietnam, David S. Gibbons and Helen Todd
The Pilot Years
Growth - and Enthusiasm - Level Off
Weaknesses in Soc San 1
Too Poor for TYM?
Staff in Transition
Building the Future: Training and Planning
Major Impact on Income
Rapidly Rolling Credit
Good Prospects for Financial Viability
Expansion and Institutionalization
Soc San 2
A Roof for the Rain
Baby Beats the Loan
Conclusion, Helen Todd and David S. Gibbons
The Question of Impact
Demand for Credit
The Importance of Leadership
Operating in the Field
Building a Professional Operation
Potential for Poverty-Reduction and Sustainability
Institutional Financial Viability
Master Plan for Institutional Financial Self-sufficiency
Fund Mobilization
Institutional Capacity-building Needs
Select Bibliography
1.1. Growth of Members and Loans
1.2. Growth of Branches and Staff
4.1. TYM Membership Growth: July 1993-Dec 1995
C.1. Preliminary Institutions Forward Analysis