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Working with Young Women

Working with Young Women

Vanessa Rogers


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Packed with fun sessions and practical group activities, Working with Young Women presents a multitude of opportunities for young women to build self-esteem, confidence and assertiveness.

From art activities to life story work, the author offers ideas for a wide range of projects, games, discussions, drama and role-play to engage and motivate. Issues covered include body image, positive relationships, bullying, keeping safe and healthy lifestyles. This second edition has also been updated and includes a new section on gender and stereotyping. The book features guidelines for facilitating effective group work, ideas on how to get started, and evaluation techniques to end on a positive note. The activities are appropriate for all young women aged 13 to 19, and include suggestions for those who have special educational needs and adaptations for one-to-one work.

This book will be essential reading for anyone working with young women, including youth workers, PSHE teachers, pupil referral unit workers, Youth Offending Teams and voluntary sector youth leaders.

Vanessa Rogers is a qualified teacher and youth worker with over ten years' experience within Hertfordshire Youth Service both at practitioner and management levels. Prior to becoming a nationally acclaimed youth work consultant, Vanessa managed a wide range of services for young people including a large youth centre and targeted detached projects for Hertfordshire County Council. Vanessa has written a number of popular resource books aimed at those working with young people, and she also has a column in 'Youth Work Now', a supplement of the national magazine 'Children and Young People Now'. Vanessa's website can be found at
There are some imaginative and thought-provoking ideas, many of which are likely to trigger considerable levels of discussion from participants, covering a range of topical and poignant issues which may impact, to varying degrees, on the lives of young women. There is a clear focus throughout on empowerment, which is commendable.
British Journal of Community Justice, Sarah Hilder, Senior Lecturer in Community and Criminal Justice, De Montfort University
The book is a helpful and lively resource for working with young women, pulsing energy and generating thought and discussion for participants. Clearly marked pages indicate permission to copy an use in relation to the group sessions which seek to help young women from 13-19 years old in settings as various as youth groups, clubs, schools and colleges, for PSHE teachers, youth offending teams and for voluntary sector youth leaders... A comprehensive introduction acquaints the reader with the kinds of questions likely to arise around group work with young women. Practical advice for setting up groups, size, age appropriateness, and compatibility, for example... This could be a much-used resource in many different settings because of its recognition of issues involved and its versatility. The energy and optimism underpinning the activities fit the reality of young women with future selves to develop... This book recognises and addresses the energy radiating from young women and provides a wealth of activities to embrace the many areas of life and self with which they are living, encountering, struggling with or coming to terms with. The variety of activities means great potential, great scope for developing all group members' awareness of self, individual needs, traits, highlighting positive attributes and finding support from others, identifying with the difficulties of others, and discovering similarities. This is a lively, stimulating contribution to this area of work, with awareness of the differing levels of literacy and provision for alternative methods such as art work, colours, music, as ways of working effectively... in many cases, nothing is needed, which provides the opportunity to launch straight in without spending money or time on setting up the session, an important element of this book, because when resources are scarce and funding is low, it can make the difference between a group happening and not happening... This book of exercises is stimulating and highly motivating and could be used either as a course format, spreading over a few weeks of work on single issues when working with one person. Because many of the exercises are adaptable and user friendly, this could lead to further learning and development.
The Independent Practitioner, Mary Garland, Counsellor in a private practice in Manchester
This book is likely to be helpful to parents as well as professionals and educationalists. Its main strength is the fact that it uses a lot of examples and gives clear instructions about how to manage the groups, and the material can be adapted for individual sessions too. Many parents and teachers might find the ways in which it addresses certain topics particularly helpful, such as those about relationships, when tackling such issues in classrooms or in conversations with children younger than 13 years... overall, this book is a very enjoyable and worthwhile read!
Youth in Mind
This book is a wonderful resource for anyone working with groups of young women whether it is in school, youth clubs or voluntary organisations. The language used is extremely clear and works well for the instructional purpose of the book... I am very impressed by the activities presented in this book and how much thought has obviously gone in to each one. The activities are thoroughly explained and include a list of resources needed which rarely run to more than basics such as paper and pens. Vanessa Rogers has obviously worked through each activity numerous times and knows that they work. She brings her extensive experience and knowledge to this resource making it an asset to those who use it.
The SL Journal