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A Kit Bag for Promoting Positive Behaviour in the Classroom

A Kit Bag for Promoting Positive Behaviour in the Classroom

Nicola Morgan | Gill Ellis


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Disruptive classroom behaviours can prevent effective teaching and create a negative learning environment. This handy directory of behaviours has been written by teachers for teachers, and is bursting with tried and tested techniques to make the classroom a happier and more productive place for everyone.

The 'Kit Bag' is a bank of up-to-date ideas that can be dipped into whenever needed, each one intended to get children focused and more engaged and excited by the learning process. The book suggests ways to create a positive learning environment in the classroom and encourages teachers to be proactive at the most vulnerable times of the school day such as at the start and end of lessons. Strategies are included for addressing behaviour hotspots, such as calling out, frequent crying or aggressive behaviour, as well as how to uncover the source of these problems and practical ways to prevent them from reoccurring. The useful Self-Assessment Checklist will also aid in making sure teachers are constructively reinforcing positive behaviour at all times.

This widely acclaimed approach will be a must for any teacher who has ever been confronted with challenging behaviour and wants to get the best out of their pupils. It will also be a valuable tool for headteachers and senior leaders who want to revolutionise current school practices.

One aspect that I felt may be particularly useful was the self-assessment checklist, which teachers can use to explore why certain difficult behaviours are taking place, and to determine whether some basic elements of good behaviour management are present before further steps are takes.

This book would be useful for primary school teachers, particularly those who are newly qualified. It would be useful for Educational Psychologists supporting such members of staff, as a resource to refer to.

Practical, relevant and to the point [...] finally, a no fuss guide to managing behaviour effectively. A must for every teacher's bag of tricks!
Stephanie Darker, Teacher, Cardiff
[This book offers] a diverse range of approaches and adaptable strategies that have proved effective in both the indoor and outdoor classroom. It champions positive steps to help improve the child's well being and the classroom culture, and shows how, by working together as a team, high expectations can be met.
Lesley Parratt, Teaching Assistant, Newport
It is always refreshing to read books by motivated and pro-active education staff who are prepared to think outside the box in order to help all children achieve their potential in school and this is one such book. There are a lot of easy to implement strategies and tips for teachers to use in this book making it one which should be in every school. I like the "Five Minute Golden Rule" idea in the first chapter and this tip alone could go a long way to restoring good self esteem in a child. I think if I were a teacher I would be excited about teaching with some of these ideas to promote positive behaviour within the whole class. The ideas in this book are inspirational and refreshing and there seems to be no reason why every teacher shouldn't be implementing some of them on a daily basis. This is wonderful book to dip in and out of for fresh ideas.
Nicola S Morgan has taught for 15 years in a variety of settings, including mainstream and special needs schools where she developed a reputation for managing the most difficult classes and pupils. Consequently, she was asked to organise training courses for teachers and later became a full-time trainer and consultant on primary school behaviour management. She now runs behaviour management projects at difficult schools based on intervention schemes which she has developed herself. She is the author of Quick, Easy and Effective Behaviour Management Ideas for the Classroom, also published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Gillian Ellis is a headteacher of a large primary school in South Wales. She has developed a keen interest in creating a positive learning culture that will challenge and engage children through a whole school approach. She has represented local authorities through raising achievement groups, pilots and projects on behaviour management and worked with parents and family groups in creating positive partnerships with schools.
A Kit Bag for Promoting Positive Behaviour in the Classroom is a practical, easy to use and up to date resource that can be picked up and used by any teacher at any stage of their career... It provides long term solutions not just quick fixes! Ideas are simple yet effective and can be put into place immediately!
Maria Bani, Inclusion Teacher for Behaviour, Warrington
This exciting new book is the perfect answer to creating a positive climate for learning in your classroom and helping every child succeed. Challenging behaviour will be a thing of the past with this book. [...] A must read for everyone in teaching!
Dr. Jonathan Doherty, Director, Early Years Matters education consultancy, Manchester
In this new book, [the authors] have pooled their expertise to help other primary school professionals manage children's classroom behaviour in a sensible, down-to-earth and practical style. I strongly recommend this useful book as an aid to dealing with those potentially difficult behavioural problems that many primary staff have not been prepared to manage or to overcome. Reading this book and implementing the advice should make primary teachers' daily lives a little easier!
Professor Ken Reid, OBE, Former Chair of the National Behaviour & Attendance Review in Wales