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Gender Issues in Art Therapy

Gender Issues in Art Therapy

Susan Hogan | Marian Liebmann | Nancy Slater



Art therapy enables the client and therapist to explore issues that may ordinarily be difficult to articulate in words; one such issue is the complexity of gender, which can be a subject of therapy in a range of ways. Gender identity is at the heart of our self-understanding. The contributors to this book cover such topics as internalised homophobia in both therapist and client, art and pregnancy, art therapy with women only and men-only groups, feminist art therapy, gay and lesbian issues, and gender stereotypes. These wide-ranging papers cover both theoretical and practical topics, giving clinical examples and instances of clients' artwork in illustration.

The contributors, all established art therapists, bring a wide range of experiences and perspectives to the topic of gender in art therapy. Professionals and students in this field will find the insights contained in this book both fascinating and valuable.

Gender Issues in Art Therapy addresses the multiple ways that genders and same-sex orientation is negotiated and mediated in art therapy practice and research. The book covers a range of topics including internalised homophobia, men-only and women-only art therapy groups, feminist art therapy theory and gender deliberations.
ANZJAT (Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art Therapy)