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Renal Diseases: Prevention & Management (A Physician's Perspective)

Renal Diseases: Prevention & Management (A Physician's Perspective)

Kalra OP


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Provides education, basic knowledge and current clinical practice guidelines for the management of various renal diseases including information about various primary and secondary preventive strategies. Attempt to keep abreast with the basic principles and recent trends in the field of nephrology. Covers various key topics of renal medicine along with a vast range of topics such as assessment of renal function, fluid, electrolyte, acid base balance and various renal diseases. Common renal disorders such as urinary tract infection, glomerular diseases, hypertension and diabetic renal disease, etc. have been discussed in great detail.. A great emphasis has been laid on prevention and treatment of various renal diseases. The chapters have been well written and cover areas of early diagnosis and aggressive management so that chronic renal failure could be averted/delayed.