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Modern Trends in Planning & Designing of Hospitals (Principles & Practice)

Modern Trends in Planning & Designing of Hospitals (Principles & Practice)

Gupta Shakti Kumar , Kant Sunil , Chandrashekhar R , Satpathy Sidhartha


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Medical Science and related health facility planning is an emerging sector of health infrastructure development. Medical technology, health transition, consumer's expectations epidemiological and demographic changes, all impact upon the provisions of healthcare. There have been metamorphic changes in the recent past in the sphere of health care delivery. The planning , design and final architectural expression in healthcare is reflective of an approach to harness healthy living. This book addresses the complex concerns and issues to provide a comprehensive and holistic view in planning and designing of modern hospitals. There is no aspect of architecture safety, ambience, emotional appeal that has not been taken care of in this book. It gives an integrated and self contained description to every conceivable aspect of developing a modern hospital. It will also help in renovating, remodeling, and retrofitting existing hospitals.