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Equipping Young People to Choose Non-Violence

Equipping Young People to Choose Non-Violence

Gerry Heery


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Equipping Young People to Choose Non-Violence is a 12-session programme for those working with young people aged 10+ whose use of violent or aggressive behaviour is problematic.

Designed to be used individually, the programme is grounded in restorative justice principles and encourages the young person to take responsibility for their behaviour. It also supports them in recognizing the effects of their actions and in identifying ways to repair the harm caused, and teaches them new skills in dealing with conflict and avoiding future violence. A theory section explains the value and evidence base and provides guidance on delivering the programme. Each session is clearly laid out with identified objectives, how to begin and end the session, and photocopiable handouts are included.

This will be of great use to all those working with young people involved in violent behaviour, including youth offending teams, social workers, youth workers and school counsellors.

Overall I think this is a valuable resource for anyone working with violent young people, but it should be used with caution by anyone who is not therapeutically trained. I wholeheartedly applaud the idea of Multisystemic Therapy and wonder why this is not used more widely.
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Gerry Heery is a training consultant with over twenty years' frontline experience as a social worker. He has many years of experience in working with young people who use violent and aggressive behaviour. He is the author of Preventing Violence in Relationships: A Programme for Men Who Feel They Have a Problem with their Use of Controlling and Violent Behaviour and Parents' Anger Management: The PAMP Programme.