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Examination Anaesthesia

Examination Anaesthesia

Christopher Thomas | Christopher Butler


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The updated guide to the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists final fellowship examination

The format of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) final examination has evolved in recent years. This updated exam guide keeps pace with these developments and assists anaesthetic trainees in preparation for the exam.

Examination Anaesthesia, 2nd Edition is a comprehensive study guide that focuses solely on the anaesthetic exam, eliminating confusion between this and the intensive care exams.

This invaluable medical text itemises all requirements of the Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (FANZCA) training scheme.

Components of the final examination are also detailed, including a breakdown of the marking scheme and recent results.

Helpful resources outlined in Examination Anaesthesia, 2nd Edition include new developments on the ANZCA website, textbooks, journals and exam courses along with a broad list of anaesthesia reference and review articles.

Trainees will also benefit from separate chapters based on the major components of the written and clinical ANZCA examinations, plus practical strategies for restructuring life around exam preparation.

• details of the new examination format, including altered component weighting, spatial and temporal separation of medical and anaesthesia vivas
• upgraded information on ANZCA exam preparation courses
• an expanded chapter on approaching the exam’s written components
• expansion of the medical viva chapter to include 21 case examples with increased representation of cardiovascular, endocrine and neurological conditions
• dissection of recent exams, listing short answer and viva questions under relevant topic headings to assist study
• a rewritten data interpretation section with a focus on anaesthetic practice – many new radiographs, electrocardiographs and other tabulated data, including echocardiography, arterial blood gas analysis, coagulation studies and sleep studies
• a completely updated reference and review article section

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Front Cover\r Cover
Examination Anaesthesia iii
Copyright\r iv
Dedication v
Foreword vii
Contents ix
Preface xiii
Acknowledgements xv
Disclaimer xvii
Abbreviations xix
Chapter 1 - Overview of the FANZCA final examination 1
FANZCA training scheme 1
Format of the final examination 2
Chapter 2 - Preparation for the final examination 9
Resources 9
Preparation strategies 19
Chapter 3 - The written examination 23
Overview 23
Performance strategies 23
Written examination topics 26
Chapter 4 - The medical vivas 35
Performance strategies 35
Patient assessment stations 37
Chapter 5 - The anaesthesia vivas 77
Overview 77
Performance strategies 77
Anaesthesia viva topics 82
Chapter 6 - Data interpretation for the final examination 100
Overview 100
1. Electrocardiography 101
2. Chest radiography 119
3. Neck radiography 138
4. Computed tomography (CT) 144
5. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) 151
6. Echocardiography 156
7. Arterial blood gas analysis 167
8. Coagulation studies 170
9. Full blood count examination 176
10. Urea and electrolytes 179
11. Respiratory function tests 183
12. Sleep studies 188
Answers to data interpretation cases 192
Chapter 7 - Useful reference and review articles 199
Overview 199
Airway management and spinal injury 199
Allergy and anaphylaxis 201
Anaesthesia and co-existing disease 201
Anaesthesia and specific situations 207
Cardiac anaesthesia 207
Cardiovascular risk and myocardial protection in anaesthesia 208
Coagulation and anaesthesia 211
Complications and consent in anaesthesia 212
Endocrine disease and anaesthesia 216
Intensive care topics 217
Monitoring and equipment in anaesthesia 218
Muscle disorders and anaesthesia 220
Neuroanaesthesia 220
Obstetric anaesthesia 221
Ophthalmic anaesthesia 223
Orthopaedic anaesthesia 223
Paediatric anaesthesia 224
Pain management 226
Pharmacology and anaesthesia 227
Regional anaesthesia 229
Remote locations and anaesthesia 231
Thoracic anaesthesia 232
Transfusion medicine 232
Vascular anaesthesia 233
Index 235