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A Primer of Clinical Psychiatry

A Primer of Clinical Psychiatry

David Castle | Darryl Bassett


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This is a text book of clinical psychiatry that is concise yet comprehensive, up to date, and readily accessible. It aims to be an easy entry to the pertinent facts of clinical psychiatry for medical students and students of mental health disciplines; a resource for established clinicians, including GPs; and also a brief yet thorough overview for the more advanced psychiatric trainee or mental health professional.  There is a particular focus on providing simple clinical tips. Liberal use of fact boxes and summary lists ensures readers will have at their fingertips the facts required for undergraduate OSCE exams in clinical psychiatry (an appendix provides explicit examples), as well as equipping more advanced readers with the basic knowledge underpinning post-graduate exams in clinical psychiatry and related allied health disciplines.  To effect coherence of approach and minimal overlap between chapters, the bulk of the text has been written by two authors who are experienced psychiatrists with expertise in a broad range of clinical and research areas. Introductory chapters cover the psychiatric interview and mental state and clinical investigations relevant to psychiatry. The second section is an overview of all of the major syndromes of psychiatry, covering epidemiology, aetiology and clinical aspects, and including discussion of specific treatment approaches. A separate section reviews more generally, biological and psychosocial aspects of treatment in psychiatry, with worked case examples.

  • coherence of approach and minimal overlap with specialist material integrated
  • clinical tips and skills
  • covers clinical and written examination requirements
  • referencing WHO, ICD and DSM V
  • a glossary of terms
  • fact boxes and summary lists

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Front Cover\r Cover
A PRIMER OF clinical psychiatry iii
Copyright\r iv
Foreword v
Contents vii
Preface ix
Acknowledgments x
Contributors and reviewers xi
About the authors xiv
PART 1 The toolsofpsychiatry\r 1
CHAPTER 1\rThe psychiatric interview and mental state examination 3
The history 4
The mental state examination 8
The formulation 12
CHAPTER 2\rThe physical examination and investigations relevant to psychiatry 14
Why a physical examination? 14
Who performs the physical examination? 15
Context of the physical examination 15
Elements of the physical examination 15
Blood and urine tests 16
Electroencephalography (EEG) 19
Neuroimaging 20
PART 2 The syndromes of psychiatry 21
CHAPTER 3\rClassification 23
The pragmatic classification system 24
Organic disorders 26
Schizophrenia and related disorders 27
Bipolar spectrum disorders 28
Depressive disorders 28
Anxiety and somatoform disorders 29
Personality disorders 31
CHAPTER 4\rOrganic psychiatry 33
Psychiatric disorders secondary to medical disorders\r 33
Psychological responses to general medical conditions\r 42
Psychological disorders and interaction with general medical conditions\r 44
CHAPTER 5\rSchizophrenia and related disorders 48
Clinical features 48
Differential diagnosis 49
Subtypes of schizophrenia 52
Cognitive functioning in schizophrenia 53
Comorbidity 53
Epidemiology 55
Outcome 57
Aetiology 57
Management 61
CHAPTER 6\rDepressive disorders 64
Clinical features of \rdepressive disorders 64
Psychotic depression 67
Less ‘typical’ presentations 68
Natural history of depression 69
Differential diagnoses 69
Aetiology of depressive disorders 72
Management of depression 75
Prognosis 78
CHAPTER 7\rBipolar and related disorders 79
Prevalence of bipolar disorders 79
Clinical features 79
Course of bipolar disorders 81
Schizoaffective disorder 83
Bipolar spectrum disorders 84
Differential diagnoses 85
Aetiology of bipolar disorders 85
Management of bipolar disorders 87
CHAPTER 8\rAnxiety and post-traumatic disorders 92
Panic disorder 95
Phobic disorders 95
Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) 97
Post-traumatic syndromes 99
CHAPTER 9\rThe obsessive-compulsive spectrum 102
Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) 102
Obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders 105
CHAPTR 10\rEating disorders 109
Anorexia nervosa (AN) 109
Bulimia nervosa (BN) 113
Other eating disorders 116
Obesity 116
CHAPTER 11\rSomatisation and the somatoform disorders 119
Somatisation 122
Management 126
CHAPTER 12\rPersonality disorders 131
Personality 131
Personality disorders 132
Comorbidity 136
Differential diagnoses 137
Aetiology 137
Management 140
PART 3\rTreatments 145
CHAPTER 13\rBiological treatments 147
Psychopharmacology 147
Drug interactions 147
Absorption 149
Specific medications 150
Other biological treatments 185
CHAPTER 14\rThe psychotherapies 189
Supportive psychotherapy 189
Psychoeducation 190
Behavioural therapy 190
Cognitive therapy 192
Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) 193
Interpersonal psychotherapy 194
Dialectic behaviour therapy 195
Psychodynamic psychotherapy 196
Group therapy 198
Family therapy 199
Couple therapy 200
CHAPTER 15\rDealing with psychiatric emergencies 204
Aggression and violence 204
Suicidality 211
PART 4\rSpecial groups 215
CHAPTER 16\rChild and adolescent psychiatry 217
Aetiology 217
Assessment 219
Management 221
Specific disorders 221
CHAPTER 17\rOld age psychiatry 234
Dementia 234
Delirium 239
Depression 240
Bipolar disorder 242
Anxiety disorders 243
Schizophrenia and delusional disorder 244
CHAPTER 18\rForensic psychiatry and risk assessment 246
Areas of work for the forensic psychiatrist\r 246
Risk assessment 249
CHAPTER 19\rDual disability 254
Intellectual disability (ID) 254
Autism and autism spectrum disorders 256
Comorbidity and developmental disorders 259
Assessment issues 260
Specific psychiatric disorders 263
Management 266
CHAPTER 20\rSubstance use disorders 269
Substances of abuse 269
Prevalence and costs 273
Patterns of use 274
Screening and assessment 274
Substance-induced disorders 277
Social aspects 284
APPENDIX\rObjective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) in psychiatry 288
Sample OSCE–1 290
Sample OSCE–2 293
Index 299
Colorplate01 312
Colorplate02\r 313