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Color Atlas of Skeletal Landmark Definitions E-Book

Color Atlas of Skeletal Landmark Definitions E-Book

Serge van Sint Jan



This book covers most skeletal landmarks that are palpable through manual palpation and virtual palpation (i.e., using 3D models generated from medical imaging). Each chapter focuses on a particular bone or segment and includes: a general anatomical presentation of the bone SL (using images showing real specimens and 3D bone models); very detailed descriptions of skeletal landmarks using manual palpation and virtual palpation. These definitions have been written in order to be reproducible. Each section includes detailed descriptions of all palpable skeletal landmarks for the current bone. Each landmark is described on one page. Also each landmark page is labelled by a unique acronym. The latter should be used for further data exchange and programming in order to guarantee that no redundant label exists.

  • Full colour, over 500 full colour images
  • Each bone is described in a separate section, making referencing easy
  • Multidisciplinary approach