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The Newly Qualified Nurse's Handbook E-Book

The Newly Qualified Nurse's Handbook E-Book

Bethann Siviter


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This book has been prepared by professionals working in the UK. It is not a primer on clinical skills but an indispensable handbook and resource for the new nurses who are about to embark on their first job and need to develop nursing judgment and the ability to organise and deliver care. It is about learning how to think like a nurse - developing the judgment and behaviour that is essential in competent practice. With an immensely readable style this book uses a friendly, conversational manner, with realistic hints, tips, and examples from real life, to encourage nurses in the early days of their careers. Issues such as assertiveness, delegation, CVs and interviews, leadership, developing “nursing intuition”, are covered as well as discussion about evidence based and reflective practice, direct entry into the community, and developing confidence in practice. This book will help nurses and students develop into competent and confident practitioners.
• Written for newly qualified nurses by a nurse, therefore authentic
• Case studies and quotes from nurses show readers that their thoughts and feelings are shared by others - this validation will reduce stress and uncertainty and give credibility
• Humour and cartoons will make the text readable and fun to use
• Hints, tips and practical advice will encourage the anxious graduate
• Attractive 2-colour design will make the text more easily accessible