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Safeguarding and Protecting Children and Young People

Safeguarding and Protecting Children and Young People

Stafford, Anne | Vincent, Sharon


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The authors discuss the impact of the major Scottish legislation including the introduction of the Children's Hearing System. They assess the role major inquiries into child deaths have played in shaping policy and examine the effectiveness of recent arrangements designed to keep children safe from adults who may pose a danger to them in the community. Current policy in this area focuses on meeting the needs of all children as a way of also addressing the needs of those deemed to be at most risk. The book concludes by considering what these developments might mean for the protection of children and young people who have been abused or are at risk of abuse in future.

Table of Contents

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Executive summary
1. Introduction
2. Poverty in Ethiopia
3. Health status of the poorest communities
4. Health-sector policy and planning
5. Water and sanitation
6. Food security
7. Education status of the poorest communities
8. Education-sector policy and planning
9. Conclusions
10. Recommendations
References and further reading
Appendix 1: Micro-research methodology
Appendix 2: Tabulated findings
Appendix 3: Case study 1. Cherkos, Kebele, Addis Ababa
Appendix 4: Case study 2. Yegurassa and Andaje, Delanta, North Wollo
Appendix 5: Case study 3. Ali Roba, Metta, Easten Hararge
Appendix 6: Case study 4. Belhare, Jijiga, Somali region