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Illustrated Dictionary of Podiatry and Foot Science E-Book

Illustrated Dictionary of Podiatry and Foot Science E-Book

Jean Mooney


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More than just a collection of simple definitions, the Illustrated Dictionary of Podiatry is a pocket-reference guide for students and practitioners which covers anatomy, pathology, systemic disease, clinical diagnostic tests, treatment and management of foot problems and much more. Along with its handy size, a cross-referencing system helps make the Dictionary as user friendly as possible and draws the content together, while the many tips, tables, line drawings and photographs (including a colour section) expand on entries and summarize information on essential points.

  • Over 150 illustrations including colour plates
  • Cross referencing for ease of use
  • Includes tables, charts and clinical tips to enhance understanding
  • Essential areas covered including:
    • Anatomy
    • Aetiology
    • Pathology
    • Systemic disease
    • Clinical diagnostic tests
    • Treatment and management