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Handbook of Practical Chest Physiotherapy

Handbook of Practical Chest Physiotherapy

Mitra Pushpal Kumar


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This volume is designed not only to reorient the practicing physiotherapists in the art of chest physiotherapy, but also to help the undergraduates to unravel the complicated issues connected with respiratory medicine, in a simple, easy to understand format. In the field of respiratory medicine, the development which occurred in recent times mostly tends to reduce the morbidity and improve the quality of life of the patient. Includes several systemic, respiratory and circulatory complications which and have far reaching effect on the long-term functional ability of the patient. Addresses issues like exercise intolerance, respiratory incompetence, lack of functional endurance, etc. With the emphasis of modern healthcare shifting towards reducing duration of morbidity, minimizing hospital stay and improving the post-morbid quality of life of the patient, the catchword at present times is a holistic approach to healthcare. The holistic approach to healthcare tends to look at the final outcome of any treatment