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Quantum Art & Uncertainty

Quantum Art & Uncertainty

Paul Thomas


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All we know for certain is that both art and science have probability and uncertainty at their core. However, these two worlds have been tenuously entangled for decades. On the one hand, artists continue to ask complex questions that align with a scientific fascination of new discoveries, and on the other hand, the appreciation that creativity and subjectivity inform science’s objective processes and knowledge systems is ever increasing. In order to draw parallels between art, science and culture, the way that selected art works have contributed to a form of cultural pedagogy will be explored in this publication. It follows the integration of the artists’ expression, linked with culture and science, to create meaningful experiences that expose the probabilities and uncertainties reinforced by the world of science.

Table of Contents

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Cover Cover
Half Title i
Title iii
Copyright iv
Contents v
Acknowledgments vii
Foreword xi
Between Nothingness and Eternity ix
Introduction 1
The Quantum Atmospherics of Consciousness 1
Chapter 1: The Swerve 11
Agency of the swerve 13
Measurement and control 14
The Solvay rupture 16
Capturing reality 20
The unpredictable swerve 27
Counterfactual definiteness of art 29
Swerve speed 30
Quantum biology 35
Chapter 2: The Diagram 43
Convergence 45
Diagram and the new language 49
The line 51
The flexible diagram 54
Entanglement and space 59
Multiverse 60
Multiverse and parallel worlds 63
Probability of facts 65
In aid of the diagram 68
Photonic traces 70
Bergson’s diagram and quantum parallels 71
Bacon’s synergies 72
Chapter 3: Spin 81
Quantum spin 83
The creativity of the spin 85
Quantum consciousness 90
Consciousness and the swerve 97
Chapter 4: The Graphene Moment 101
The genealogy of graphite 103
The haptic Atomic Force Microscope 108
Agency and mediums 112
The art of graphite 119
Drawing out 125
Performative agency 126
Chapter 5: Cloud 133
The itinerant cloud 135
Shifting power of perspective 136
Pre-cloud conscious 141
Repositioning the cloud 148
The machinic whole 153
Engineer’s perspective 155
Conclusion 159
Fragments 161
References 165
Author’s Biography 171
Index 173
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