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Supporting Kids and Teens with Exam Stress in School

Supporting Kids and Teens with Exam Stress in School

Joanne Steer | Suzy Ross



As young people are exposed to more and more pressure at school, exam stress comes hand in hand. This workbook, a fun and interactive resource aimed at children and teens aged 10 and over, offers teachers, other professionals and parents tried and tested techniques to support young people's wellbeing through revision and exams.

Applying a cognitive behavioural framework, it will help pupils to consider academic stress in terms of thoughts, feeling, body sensations and behaviour. Strategies encompass managing a child's lifestyle, namely exercise and diet, tried and tested CBT techniques, relaxation, positive self-talk and thought challenging, and other psychological methods such as mindfulness. Chapters will look at the day of the exam itself, evaluate stress in children with special educational needs and provide practical advice for parents as to how they can most successfully support their child.

With photocopiable resources to use with the young person and suitable for either individual use or group work, Supporting Kids and Teens with Exam Stress in Schools will guide parents, teachers, tutors, therapists and other supporting adults to conquer students' fears, improve exam performance and, perhaps most important of all, maintain a work-fun balance in young people's lives.

Joanne Steer is a chartered clinical psychologist with over 14 years' experience and is Head of the Emotional Health Service at Achieving for Children, based in Kingston and Richmond, UK. She is the co-author of Helping Children and Teens with ADHD in School.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Supporting Kids and Teens with Exam Stress in School: A Workbook by Joanne Steer, Illustrations by Suzy Ross 3
1. Welcome: An Introduction for Adults 13
Introducing 14
Detect and Reflect 19
The Big Issues 19
Give It A Go 20
We All Worry 20
Always Put Your Own Oxygen Mask on First 22
Pulling It Together 22
Welcome 22
Top Tips for Adults 24
My To Do List 24
Reflections 24
Five Things Everyone Needs to Know about Helping Young People with Exam Stress 26
Resources 26
2. Getting Started 28
Introducing 30
Detect and Reflect 32
All About Me 32
What is Anxiety/Stress? 32
Identifying Stress for You 34
What the Others Say 34
Understanding Your Exam Stress 36
Exam Stress: A Trip Down Memory Lane 38
Give It A Go 40
You Are Not Alone! 40
Making Connections 40
Setting Up Your Study Space 42
Pulling It Together 44
Getting Started 44
Top Tips for Young People 44
Understanding Exam Stress 44
Setting Up Your Study Space 46
Resources 46
3. Looking After Yourself 48
Introducing 50
Detect and Reflect 52
Are You a Super Sleeper? 52
Bedtime Habits 52
Exercise Check-Up 54
Exercise Experiment 54
Dishes of the Day 56
Balancing Act 56
Give It A Go 58
Sleep: The Golden Hour 58
Exercise Planner 58
Getting an Equal Balance 60
Getting an Equal Balance Continued 61
Pulling It Together 62
What Could I Do If...? 62
Looking After Yourself 62
Top Tips for Young People 64
Sleep 64
Top Tips for Adults 66
Looking After Yourself Too! 66
Resources 66
4. Doing Things Differently 68
Introducing 70
Detect and Reflect 70
Stress Volcano 70
When I Get Stressed I... 72
What Helps to Calm Me Down? 74
Give It A Go 74
Stress Busters 74
Have a Break 76
Creating a Chill-Out Space 78
Talking Things Through 80
Pulling It Together 82
Doing Things Differently! 82
What Could I Do If...? 84
Doing Things Differently 84
Top Tips for Adults 86
Managing Stress 86
Resources 86
5. Thinking About Thinking 88
Introducing 90
Detect and Reflect 90
Worry Thoughts 90
Think/Feel/Behave Quiz 92
Thinking Traps 92
Give It A Go 94
Thoughts Are Not Facts 94
Thought Challenging Practice 96
Ruminations 98
Positive Self-Talk 98
Pulling It Together 100
What Could I Do If...? 100
Thinking About Thinking 100
Top Tips for Adults 102
Supporting Thinking About Thinking 102
Resources 102
Think/Feel/Behave Quiz Answers 104
6. Mindfulness 104
Introducing 106
Detect and Reflect 106
Body Stress 106
Here and Now 108
Wheel of Life 108
Give It A Go 110
Colourful Relaxation 110
Here and Now Five Senses Exercise 110
Being Grateful for the Great Things! 112
Awareness of Breath 114
Body Scan 116
Pulling It Together 119
What Could I Do If...? 119
Mindfulness 120
Top Tips for Young People 120
More on Mindfulness 120
Resources 122
7. The Big Day! 122
Introducing 124
Detect and Reflect 124
Under Pressure 124
Waiting to Go In 126
In the Exam Room 128
Give It A Go 128
Planning Checklist 128
Mindful Word Search 130
Mindful Tests or Exams 130
Finished! 132
Pulling It Together 135
What Could I Do If...? 135
Blank Page