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OCD  - Tools to Help You Fight Back!

OCD - Tools to Help You Fight Back!

Cynthia Turner | Chloë Volz | Georgina Krebs | Lisa Jo Robinson


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This fun and engaging workbook helps therapists and clinicians to treat young people with OCD using CBT and ERP techniques. The evidence-based 14-session programme is designed to be used in conjunction with a complementary manual OCD - Tools to Help Young People to Fight Back and features simple and effective exercises and activities.

Dr Cynthia Turner is a psychologist who holds Honorary Lecturer positions at the University of Queensland and the Institute of Psychiatry at Kings College London, and is an Honorary Consultant Clinical Psychologist at the Maudsley.

Chloë Volz is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Team Lead at the National and Specialist OCD, BDD and related disorders service at the Maudsley Hospital, UK where she has worked since 2002.

Georgina Krebs holds a Clinical Research Training Fellowship at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience and is an Honorary Principal Clinical Psychologist at the OCD, BDD and Related Disorders Service at the Maudsley Hospital.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
OCD - Tools to Help You Fight Back!: A CBT Workbook for Young People by Dr Cynthia Turner, Georgina Krebs and Chloë Volz 3
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) for OCD 9
Session 1: Learning \nabout \nOCD and \nanxiety 11
What is OCD? 12
What causes OCD? 13
Tools for fighting OCD 14
Tool 1: Externalising OCD 14
Tool 2: Understanding anxiety 15
You can resist OCD 22
Homework: Session 1 23
Session 2: Learning to \nfight back: \ntools for \nbeating OCD 25
Tools for fighting OCD 26
Tool 3: Making an OCD hierarchy 27
A note about horrible thoughts in OCD 30
Tool 4: The OCD cycle 31
What is CBT 37
Goals 38
Homework: Session 2 39
Session 3: Learning to fight back: tools for \nbeating OCD 41
Tools for fighting OCD 42
Tool 5: Our first ERP task 43
Tool 6: Bossing back OCD using helpful thoughts 45
Fighting back: using ERP to beat OCD 47
Homework: Session 3 49
Sessions 4-6: Continue fighting using ERP 51
Fighting back 52
Homework: Session 4 55
Fighting back 56
Homework: Session 5 59
Fighting back 60
Homework: Session 6 63
Session 7: Review \nprogress 65
Let’s review and measure your OCD again 66
Re-rate your OCD hierarchy 67
Fighting back 68
Homework: Session 7 71
Session 8-12: Continue \nfighting OCD using ERP 73
Fighting back 74
Homework: Session 8 77
Fighting back 78
Homework: Session 9 81
Fighting back 82
Homework: Session 10 85
Fighting back 86
Homework: Session 11 89
Fighting back 90
Homework: Session 12 93
Session 13: Nearly \nthere…\npreparing for \nthe finish! 95
Take it to the extreme - overlearning in OCD! 96
Fighting back 97
Homework: Session 13 100
Session 14: Relapse \nprevention 101
Let's review and measure your OCD again 103
Relapse prevention 103
Tools for fighting OCD 106
Tool 7: A relapse prevention plan 107
Additional tools for fighting OCD 111
Tools for fighting OCD 112
Tool 8: Reassurance seeking and accommodation of OCD 112
Tool 9: Normalising intrusive thoughts 114
Tool 10: Learning to let thoughts go 119
Tool 11: Responsibility pie charts 120
Tool 12: Don’t believe in OCD - find out for yourself 123
Follow-up session 1: Review progress \nand plan 125
How’s it going? 126
My action plan 127
Look to the future 128
Follow-up session 2: Review progress, measure OCD and plan 129
How's it going? 130
My action plan 130
Look to the future 132
Follow-up session 3: Review progress, measure OCD and plan 132
How's it going? 134
My action plan 134
Look to the future 136
Follow-up session 4: Review progress, measure OCD and plan 136
How's it going? 138
My action plan 138
Look to the future 140
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