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Party Responses to Social Movements

Party Responses to Social Movements

Daniela R. Piccio


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Across the West, the explosion of social movement activity since the late 1960s has constituted a “participatory revolution” that has posed profound challenges for formal political parties. Through an analysis of new interviews, institutional documents, and a host of other largely unexploited sources, Daniela R. Piccio provides a rich and empirically grounded exploration of the wide-ranging responses to these movements. Focusing on Italy and the Netherlands since the 1970s, Party Responses to Social Movements demonstrates how political parties have incorporated the demands of movements to a surprising extent, even as both have grappled with fundamental and inevitable tensions between their respective roles and aims.

Daniela R. Piccio is post-doctoral fellow at the University of Torino. She studied political science at the Università degli Studi di Roma Tre and Leiden University, and she received her doctorate from the European University Institute in Florence. Her main research interests include political representation, political parties, and their relationship with the citizens and the state.

“Piccio’s work is a fine empirical study that will fill an important gap in the scholarly literature on parties and movements. It is clearly written, very well-organized, and is designed in a way that generates stimulating and suggestive comparisons.” • John Markoff, University of Pittsburgh

“A pleasant and interesting read with a well-thought out design. Party Responses to Social Movements is an accessible and interesting read on an understudied topic. It is well-conceived and its approach to its subject matter is both careful and convincing.” • Bert Klandermans, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Table of Contents

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Party Responses to Social Movements iii
Copyright iv
Contents vii
Tables and Figures viii
Acknowledgements x
Abbreviations xi
Introduction 1
Chapter 1 — Politics beyond Parties 23
Chapter 2 — Social Movements and the Traditional Left: A Cautious Reception 67
Chapter 3 — ‘And Yes, It Moves!’: The Unexpected Response of Centrist Parties to Social Movements 115
Conclusion — It Was Worth the Effort 158
Appendix 1 — Election Outcomes and Government Coalitions 176
Appendix 2 — Social Movements’ Themes in Party Manifestos 178
Bibliography 187
Index 202