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Improvisation in the Expressive and Performing Arts

Improvisation in the Expressive and Performing Arts

Beliz Demircioglu | Stephen K. Levine


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This book explores the process of improvisation and outlines the ideal conditions for an inspirational creative state. Examining her own process as an artist and drawing on interviews with peers, the author considers how the forces of shaping (intellect-driven decisions) and letting-go (more intuitive moves) interact in improvisation.

The book follows the journey of seven performing arts graduates and undergraduates, examining their experiences of improvisation and the interplay of shaping and letting-go. It reveals how the approach and methods of expressive arts can enrich an improviser's experience and spur the desire for discovery.

Beliz Demircioglu is a dancer, teacher and choreographer. She has performed extensively in New York, Istanbul and around Europe and currently teaches movement technique and improvisation classes for performing arts students at Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Contents 7
Foreword 9
Acknowledgments 13
Preface 15
Chapter 1 - Introduction 17
Chapter 2 - Methodology 23
Chapter 3 - The Divers 35
Chapter 4 - The Passage 55
Part I - Sensitization 58
Part II - The Process of the Passage 63
Chapter 5 - The Journey 77
Part I - Body 78
Part II - Poiesis 81
Part III - Liminality 83
Part IV - Chaos 91
Part V - Letting-go and Shaping 93
Part VI - The Infinity Line of Letting-go and Shaping 96
Part VII - Letting-be 100
Part VIII - Etken and Edilgen 105
Part IX - Art and Life 110
Chapter 6 - The Essence 113
Chapter 7 - Limitations of this Study and Proposals for Future Research 127
Chapter 8 - Conclusions 131
Part I - The Understanding 132
Part II - Expressive Arts and Improvisation 139
Part III - Personal Conclusions 145
Chapter 9 - Responses from the Divers 151
Chapter 10- LAST words… 161
References 163
Index 167
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