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White Privilege Unmasked

White Privilege Unmasked

Judy Ryde


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All white people understand cultural differences from a platform of relative privilege, affecting their personal and professional interactions. How should they respond when confronted with this knowledge? This introductory book looks at the concept of whiteness, and shows how individuals can 'unmask' their own whiteness and take meaningful steps to break down unconscious bias and structural racism.

Exploring how colonial history resulted in white privilege, this book examines how that privilege manifests today in a culturally diverse world, and the links between the rise in far-right politics and anti-immigration rhetoric that led to Brexit and Donald Trump's election. It looks at the pressures on privilege and white populations, with candid reflections on how even well-meaning white people may project unconscious bias in their everyday lives. There are also dedicated chapters on training to raise awareness of white privilege in professional organizations.

Judy Ryde is a psychotherapist who works with refugees and asylum seekers and is the director for Trauma Foundation South West (TFSW). She has worked for nearly thirty years with the Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling (BCPC) and the Centre of Supervision and Team Development Bath for twenty years.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
White Privilege Unmasked: How to Be Part of the Solution by Judy Ryde 3
Acknowledgements 7
Part 1: Facing Up to White Privilege 9
1. Introduction 11
2. A Short History of White as a Racial Category 20
3. How Are White People Privileged? 41
Part 2: The Effects of White Privilege 51
4. White Awareness Within a Culturally Diverse World 52
5. White Privilege Under Pressure 63
6. Features of Cultural Differences 77
Part 3: Making Personal and Societal Changes 89
7. How Can We Connect White Privilege and Other Forms of Oppression? 90
8. Towards a Systemic and Participatory Worldview 103
9. How to Uncover Your Own Whiteness 112
10. Encouraging Societal Changes in White Awareness 128
11. Consultancy and Training for White Awareness in Organisations 140
12. Reparatory Justice 152
13. Where Next for White People? 165
14. And Now Towards the Needs of the Future 174
References 179
Subject Index 187
Author Index 190
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