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Introducing a School Dog

Introducing a School Dog

Cherryl Drabble


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Animal Assisted Therapy is becoming increasingly popular in education settings, but there is very little information on how to implement it. This practical guide provides everything you need to know to introduce a therapy dog, and the various benefits that a dog can have for pupils, from young children to teenagers.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Introducing a School Dog: Our Adventures with Doodles the Schnoodle by Cherryl Drabble 3
Acronyms 8
UK Key Stages and Equivalent US Grades 8
Introduction 10
1. Researching Our Options 15
2. Our Decision to Get a Dog 19
3. How We Chose Our Puppy 24
4. Introducing Our Puppy to School 31
5. Practicalities and Finances 39
6. The Dog’s Intended Remit In School 45
7. Doodles’ Success: Extracurricular 51
8. Doodles with Children: Case Studies 59
9. The Unexpected Benefits of Doodles’ Presence 71
10. Doodles in Class 81
11. Other School Dogs 105
12. Mischievous Doodles! 115
13. Future Plans 129
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