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Art Therapy with Older Adults

Art Therapy with Older Adults

Erin Partridge


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This book outlines a framework for art therapy with older adults rooted in a belief in the autonomy and self-efficacy of older adults, including those with dementia or other diseases of later life.

Advocating for a more collaborative approach to art-making, the author presents approaches and directives designed to facilitate community engagement, stimulate intellectual and emotional exploration, and promote a sense of individual and collective empowerment. Relevant to community, assisted living, skilled nursing and dementia-care environments, it includes detailed case studies and ideas for using art therapy to tackle stigma around stroke symptoms and dementia, encourage increased interactions between older adults in care homes, promote resilience, and much more.

Erin Partridge is an art therapist and researcher. She has worked with older adults for over 7 years and is part-time faculty in the art therapy department at Notre Dame de Namur in Belmont, CA.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Art Therapy with Older Adults: Connected and Empowered by Erin Partridge 3
Preface 9
1. Empowered Elders 11
2. Philosophical Framework 15
3. Just Between Us 33
4. Open Studio Setting 47
5. Connecting Beyond Diagnoses 57
6. Projects with Purpose 71
7. Mural Projects 83
8. Art on the Wall 97
9. Our Art History 105
10. Conclusion 117
Appendices 123
References 127
About the author 137
Subject Index 139
Author Index 145
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